Two Factor Authentication

We provide Authy – Two-Factor Authentication Application ( its call “Krypt2FA”.

How to enable 2FA.

  1. Go to My.Krypt Setting -> Account-> Enable Two Factor Authentication
  2. Fill in the form Country, Cellphone and Password Verification then click Enable button

3. The system will send you SMS then follow install Authy application (support both IOS and Android)


4. Click link in SMS for install Authy application and follow the step below.

a. Download Authy application

b. Insert cellphone number

c. Choose SMS to get registration code

d. Insert registration code that get via SMS

e. This is completed installation Authy application

5. Try to login system again you will get 2 step verification. Then you have to go to Authy application and put 6 number for 2nd login.

Multiple Device with the same number

The client can use multiple devices with a cellphone number just follow step 4 above. Before process the step, please make sure that your primary cellphone Allow Multi-device. For checking the primary cellphone please follow the step below:

  1. Goto Authy app on cellphone
  2. Click Settings on the top right corner

3. Choose icon Devices on the button right corner, then turn on Allow Multi-device option


How to disable 2FA.

  1. Go to Account -> My.Krypt Setting -> Two Factor Authentication
  2. Password Verification then click Remove This Phone button

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