Auto Disable Bandwidth

You can disable dedicated servers and cloud services before server go over the bandwidth limit.  This will prevent overage fees.  

This guide will show you how to turn this feature on or off. There are two different ways to manage this feature

1. On the Service Page

  1.  To manage this feature on the service page click on  the Services tab and choose the type of service. (in this case we will choose the Dedicated Server
    The Auto Disable BW column shows which services have this feature enabled.

2.   Click on the switch to the feature on or off.

Feature Enabled/Disabled

  • On – the service will be disabled in the event that the enduser reaches the bandwidth limit.
  • Off – the service will continue even if the bandwidth limit is reached.

2. On Bandwidth Details

You can also manage this feature on bandwidth tab.


1.Click on 流量 tab and click on Disable server menu.

If you choose to activate the feature services will be disabled when they go over the bandwidth limit.

Before the service is disabled notifications can be sent to email addresses you specify.


How to check the Bandwidth limit

  • Total Transfer: shows the bandwidth that has been used in the current period
  • Included Transfer:  shows the bandwidth limit for the service


2. Type the email address in the Disable Server box.  Notifications will be sent to this address in the event that the service is close to reaching the bandwidth limit.

  • If the check box is checked this means that the auto disable feature is on.
  • If the check box is unchecked this means that the auto disable feature is off.

3.  Leave the box unchecked if you want the auto disable feature off.

4. Click Submit.

5. If you checked disable, in service lists page switch is  on.



经销商可以在自己的账户下设置指定服务器的流量使用,防止终端客户超流量使用服务器,以免造成多余的流量费用。以下的说明可以指导您开启或者关闭此功能。您可以在服务器页面(On the Service Page)或者流量页面(Under Bandwidth Details)下找到这一功能。


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