Veeam vCloud Connect Directly to VCloud Director


Veeam vCloud Connect

Quick Guide

1.Go to Backup Infrastructure > Service Providers > Add Service Provider

2. Add Veeam Cloud Connect URL that provided to you: For example, we use here, Port: 6180

3. Click Add your Credential that VPLS provided, and click OK

4. Select your credential and click Next >

5. Verify your resource plan and click Next >

6. Review summary and Click Finish

7. Go to Home tab > Replication

8. Define your Replication plan

9. Add your VMs

10. Select your Destination

11 Set Job Settings for Repository for replica metadata

12. Choose Data Transfer and proxy, if you have WAN accelerators feature you can use this.

13. Skip Guest Processing if you don’t have application-aware on

14. Specify schedule, your replication jobs

15. Review summary and Click Enable the job when click Finish.

16. You will see Job Running on Veeam Cloud Connect and  virtual machine import to vCloud Director.

Feature : Low connection bandwidth

Seeding step

In the Initial seeding: When start the replication job, Veeam will attempt to restore all VMs added to the job from the seed that you have specified. If a VM is not found in the seed, the VM will be skipped from replication.

In the Replica mapping: Select a  VM from the list, click Edit and choose an existing VM replica. Replica mapping will reduce the amount of VM data transferred over the network during the first session of the replication job.

Feature : Separate virtual networks


Click add and select the source network to which VMs in the job are connected and network on the cloud host to which VM replicas must be connected.  automatic network mapping for non-Windows VMs is not currently supported in Veeam Cloud Connect Replication.

Check on cloud host. Network will be mapping on vApp.

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