Veeam Cloud Connect Agent Based User Guide


Go to ftp site

username vplsveeam

password SunnyDay5fun!@!

Download VeeamAgentWindows zip file

Run Windows update and install all updates available.  This makes sure any known VSS bugs that have been patched are addressed before installation.  You may need to restart the server and repeat this process a few times to install all available updates.

Open Veeam Agent Installer

Check I agree box and click install

check Skip box and Next

“Run Veeam Recovery Media creation wizard” and select a location to save the Recovery ISO image. 

Finish the installation process.

Open Veeam agent control interface by clicking on the tray icon


If you are running a demo, you can skip “install license”

If you have license ready. Please proceed to next step.

Click “Yes” to install license

Install license


Server license is for a machine with AD, MS SQL, Sharepoint or Exchange server

Workstation license is for a machine with web server without a database or file server etc

Click Configure backup.

Select entire computer(recommended) and hit next

 Select “Veeam Cloud Connect Repository” and hit next

Enter service provider DNS name (provided to you by account manager).


Input username and password (provided by account manager).

Hit next.

Change the Restore point to keep on disks to a number that match your retention policy. For example 7 days, 14 days

If the server has AD, SQL DB, Sharepoint or Exchange server running, select “Enable application-aware processing”.

You would need to provide an account with administrator privileges (domain, database) if select “Enable application-aware processing”.

Configure the backup schedule accordingly to your business requirements.

For example

Check “Run the job when I click Finish” if you would like to run the job immediately.

Hit the Finish button.

Check “Backup now”. Monitor the progress.

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