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Plesk Detailed FeaturesSystem Admins spend a lot of time working to maintain servers but cPanel provides features and tools to lighten that work load. After running a single command to install cPanel, you're given simple but powerful tools for managing resources, security and even complete backups.

Plesk Detailed FeaturesHost and manage websites and servers for your customers at any scale. Grow your hosting business from one customer to millions with our complete set of automation products.

Plesk Detailed FeaturesCreate and manage your website and email with the most intuitive interface. Get your website and mail running in minutes. Add hundreds of applications with a single click.

Plesk Detailed FeaturesThrough desktop virtualization, organizations can empower their technical professionals with greater flexibility and easier access to key platforms, operating systems and applications, enabling them to ensure higher quality products in less time.

Powerful tools that perform tasks quickly, easily, and reliably.