Hybrid Cloud

As one of the first VMware-certified service providers to achieve vCloud Powered status, Krypt has been at the forefront of VMware Cloud Hosting. We can enable both Public and VMware Hybrid Cloud services with vSphere and vCloud Director technologies. Current VMware technology customers can rest assured knowing that their virtual machines are compatible with Krypt’s hybrid cloud services.

What is a Hybrid Cloud?

Hybrid clouds are combinations of public clouds and private clouds where a portion of their infrastructures intersect. At the intersecting points, users of both public and private clouds enjoy the flexibility and agility of putting on or pulling off data from hybrid data centers without compromising compliance and security. Teams can seamlessly integrate data, applications and functions with hybrid cloud environments.


Krypt’s hybrid cloud can easily be scaled up and down, using the amount of space in the cloud that you need. Once your business demands more of the cloud, you can subscribe to a bigger package or upgrade your existing virtual machines with just a few taps and clicks.

Effective Extensions of Your Data Centers

Hybrid clouds can easily extend both your private and public data centers so that your employees can access files, data, and applications without going to physical servers. Workloads can be shifted from on-premise to off-premise as if you are just in one single environment. Since consuming public cloud resources are less expensive than building your own private one, you can easily leverage the storage potential of public clouds for demanding but seasonal business needs.

Greater Security and Compliance

Existing VMware vSphere users can easily and confidently use vCloud Connector plugin for vSphere which securely connects their private clouds to public cloud data centers. Store vital and confidential information on your private cloud and share parts of it on the hybrid cloud whenever necessary. You have full control and visibility of what is consumed on the public cloud.

Impeccable Backups

All Krypt subscribers—whether public, private, hybrid cloud, dedicated servers, or cloud pools—are fully backed up with enterprise grade solutions. Krypt can replicate your files to any of our data centers so you can relax and rest easy whenever the unexpected occurs.

About the vCloud Connector

vCloud Connector allows existing VMware vSphere customers to easily consume Krypt hybrid cloud services by simply moving workloads to the cloud from the VMware vSphere client. Krypt hybrid cloud connects to your organization’s private cloud via secure IPsec VPN tunnels. This becomes an extension of your data center so you can start consuming Krypt cloud pool resources in both pay-per-use or subscription-based consumption models. Scale your resources up and down as you see fit with the agility your business desires.

Whether you are currently using public or private cloud-only resources, you should always protect your cloud and virtual machine resources with enterprise cloud backup solutions from Krypt. Krypt offers both on premise Disaster Recovery in a Box (DRIB) and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service solutions that fit all your requirements and budgets. As a Veeam Gold Cloud Provider, we use best-in-class enterprise backup solutions to tackle your problems. For current Nimble Storage SAN customers, Krypt offers completely secure Nimble Storage replication services to the cloud.

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