Bare Metal Server Upgrades

If you are a current customer and would like to upgrade to the following options please create a support ticket indicating your requests or please email [email protected] for more details.


CPanel Mental Premier Fix 100 $48.50/month
CPanel Mental Premier Fix 150 $63.50/month
CPanel Mental Premier Fix 200 $78.50/month
CPanel Mental Premier Fix 200 $93.50/month
DirectAdmin (License Fee) $9.00
Windows (License Fee) Learn More
Microsoft SQL (License Fee) Learn More


Locked out of server, password recovery $25.00
30 minutes remote troubleshooting $45.00
Dedicated KVM over IP access $35.00


Xeon Memory - per 16GB of RAM $17.50


100GB RAID5 - SAN Storage $20.00
200GB RAID5 - SAN Storage $40.00
300GB RAID5 - SAN Storage $50.00
500GB RAID5 - SAN Storage $80.00
800GB RAID5 - SAN Storage $120.00
1.0TB RAID5 - SAN Storage $150.00

Additional Storage

1.0TB SATA $10.00
2.0TB SATA $20.00
3.0TB SATA $25.00
4.0TB SATA $30.00
6.0TB SATA $40.00