Public Cloud

Regardless of where your public cloud is hosted (AWS, Azure, or GCP), we’re here to help you take control of your public cloud.

Make the Public Cloud Work for Your Business

In the changing scope of the cloud-enabled world, you have multiple options for your public cloud services. Together, we can help you make changes to your public cloud solutions that will include expenditure control, security management, and the development of a refined hybrid solution that will be straightforward and user-friendly.

Regardless of where your public cloud is hosted (AWS, Azure, or GCP), Krypt is here to help you take control of your public cloud. Through our in-depth consultations and custom-built solutions, we will help you optimize that works best for your business, increases your productivity, all the while cutting your cloud costs!

The Benefits of a Public Cloud from Krypt

Enterprise Infrastructure

Designed for high performance and scalability, our enterprise-grade infrastructure provides exceptional uptime. Krypt’s dedicated physical servers and secure private clouds offer a 100% uptime SLA.

Redundant Backup

Custom-designed business continuity and disaster recovery solutions ensure that your business is protected against unforeseen events.

Cloud Management

Comprehensive management and monitoring of the entire stack, including application performance monitoring and trend analysis. Our 24x7x365 NOC immediately responds to identified issues.

Custom Cloud Solutions for Your Business

Amazon Web Services

Krypt delivers Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to companies of all sizes, allowing teams to realize tremendous cost savings and to avoid having to install servers and infrastructure in-house at enormous cost. This is one of the primary reasons for choosing to outsource computing services in the first place, and there is no more reliable and competent host in the world than Krypt.

Why Choose Krypt as Your Cloud Hosting Provider?

Microsoft Office 365 Migration

If you’re looking to upgrade your business productivity and boost employee collaboration, Krypt can help you do just that by helping you to migrate to Microsoft 365. Let us take your business to the cloud easily, seamlessly, quickly, and economically.
Compared to Microsoft, which only provides guides for Microsoft 365 migration, our team also provides comprehensive migration services. If you have an existing, on-premises Exchange server environment, we can build out a hybrid environment that connects the on-premises server to Exchange Online. That way, you can seamlessly migrate users at your own pace, on your own schedule, while having users in the cloud and on-premise.

We’re partnered with the best technology vendors, such as Skykick and CloudMigrator365, to make migrations smooth and to provide you with the best experience. Migration time depends on number of emails and size of mailboxes, but existing mail can be copied in parallel to Microsoft 365.

After the migration is complete, we can also help you understand the ins and outs of Microsoft 365 so that your business can get started without navigating a steep learning curve.

Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365

Krypt offers Veeam Backup Services for Microsoft 365 email to protect and restore your data, should it be accidentally (or maliciously) deleted or stolen. With Veeam Backup Services for O365 service, you will be able to:

Cloud Hop

With Krypt’s Cloud Hop through Megaport, the client is connected to the cloud service provider via our private network. It removes the multiple hop paths and provides for a direct connection to the Cloud Provider through Megaport, increasing scalability and reducing network latency dramatically.

As the Internet continues to change, the direct connection will not be impacted. A single connection via Cloud Hop + Megaport enables end users to obtain low-cost latency to any of the cloud services providers and allows for a multi-cloud environment.

Why Cloud Hop?

We’ll manage your IT so you don’t have to. Our staff of expert technicians are always available 24x7x365, guaranteeing 100% uptime SLA.
Point-to-point, high-speed, low latency connectivity.
Flexible Service Level Agreements (SLA) paired with multiple protocols and turnkey options.
Access to leading cloud providers with either dedicated or blended IP.
Private, secure connectivity with guaranteed network security and performance.

24/7/365 support.
We work when you work.