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Krypt Hosting Solutions offers an array of add on services or technologies that enhance your Cloud and Dedicated servers ensuring high availability and fault tolerance, as well as network service such as Firewall and Load Balancing solutions. For any Cloud or Dedicated Krypt server we recommend adding backup services like automated backups. Krypt partners with leading vendors in each category to provide a diverse portfolio of solutions for our customers.

Krypt Storage


Features Krypt SAN Storage Krypt Cloud Backup
Support for Dedicated / Cloud Server Cloud Server
Backup Space Starting 100GB Size / Incremental Backups
Supported Operating Systems Windows, Linux Any
Backup Retention Policy Based on Storage Based on Storage
Automatic & Unattended Backups Krypt check-mark Krypt check-mark
Select Individual Files to Backup Krypt check-mark Krypt check-mark
File-Level Recovery Krypt check-mark Krypt check-mark
Scheduled Backups Krypt check-mark1 Krypt check-mark
Offsite Recovery   Krypt check-mark4
Onsite Recovery   Krypt check-mark
Server Recovery   Krypt check-mark
Incremental Backups   Krypt check-mark
Replicate Server from Backup   Krypt check-mark
Managed Unmanaged Fully Managed
Price (monthly) $20 per 100GB $10 per server +
$5 per 50GB
  1. Optional with scheduled scripts.
  2. Optional depending on server location.
  3. Optional backup to remote server/ backup to crashplan cloud include.
  4. Optional backup to different Data Center.
  5. Optional backup to local.

Krypt Storage


Krypt offers various levels of SAN based storage from Platinum level high speed SSD drives with RAID10 to Bronze based SATA bulk storage arrays. Cloud server customers can choose between all tiers of storage while only Bronze storage is available as NFS mounts for dedicated servers. Backup routines and cron jobs can be ran to provide daily backups to these data mounts to provide a secure and cost effective backup solution. Gold and Platinum tiered storage are offered for users that require higher IO performance for intensive applications such as databases. Krypt is also able to expand your storage needs on the fly with a simple reconfiguration of the drive you will get expanded storage. Redundancy in our storage arrays are achieved through RAID and file replication between SAN arrays.

Level Disk Type RAID Spec Priority Primary Use
Bronze SATA RAID5 Low Backups
Silver SATA RAID5 Normal Regular Storage
Gold SAS+SSD RAID50 Normal Read and write intensive applications
Platinum SAS+SSD RAID50 Normal Gold Level + Replication

Krypt Advanced Firewall

Advance Firewall

Krypt Load Balancing

Load Balancing

The finest performance is achieved when the computing power of servers are used intelligently and optimally. Load balanced solutions can allocate additional resources to servers that are least busy and as a result it provides the quickest response times. Krypt offers two forms of load balancing solutions basic or advanced:

Managed Services

Managed Services

All Krypt data centers and geographically diverse Network Operations Centers in Orange and El Segundo, California and Bangkok, Thailand are staffed 24x7. Our customers are guaranteed fast responses to tickets they open. When you're faced with problems that require our expertise. Krypt has three options available for managed services:

All Krypt servers come with free server monitoring that can be configured in to ping monitor your server as well as user configurable ports such as Telnet, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP etc.