Order a 100TB Server

Get the computing power you need with Krypt’s 100TB servers. Order yours now!

Why Choose Krypt’s 100TB Servers

Our 100TB servers are an ideal fit for businesses of all levels, from startups to enterprises. With various computing power to meet your needs, select from the low-power green solution, like the HD360 package, to the high-end computing power of our HD-4K or HD1080 option.

Network Performance with 1Gbps Port

Never sacrifice network performance with 1Gbps network ports.

100% Flexibility & Customization

100% dedicated resources, 100% network access, and 100% root or administrator access.

Worldwide Monitoring

All servers include worldwide monitoring through our Technical Assistance Centers.

Out-of-Band Management

Gain full control of your server with integrated KVM, power controls, and remote installation services.