How To Access to IPMI interface through My.Krypt

1. Find the server with KVM support, and click it’s server name to access that server’s details page. Then click on “KVM” button.



2. A new tab will open and redirect to IPMI address. Please login to the IPMI interface using the KVM Details username and password from My.Krypt.

Note: Your IPMI username and password are generally the same as your Servername username and password. For example as shown in the following image.



3. The IPMI Home Page will appear and click on monitor area of “Refresh Preview Image” to launch the redirection console.

    The IPMI Power Control this feature is useful to control power, it’s possible to Power On, Power Off and Reboot a system.

4. The browser will load JAVA Runtime Applet, then opening as a new popup for manage the server remotely.

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