Add new account credit

This section will explain how to add a new account credit:

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Account Credits then click on the button “Add Credit”

2. On the add credit page,  you will see the option for “Payment Type” and “Credit Amount”

             a. Choose payment type – Payment Type is the type of payment that you want to pay for your new account credit 
                 (**If your credit type is PayPal / Alipay / WeChat Pay / Union Pay. Upon payment of the invoice, you must be returned to and the credit will be applied to your account.)



             b.Choose Credit Amount – Credit Amount is the amount of credit that you want to add.



              c. After choosing the options, click “Add Credits”:



   3. After choosing your options and click on the “Add Credits” button. The system will generate a new invoice for account credit amount that is the same amount as what you chose on the Credit Amount. The process to add a new credit depends on the Credit Type:

  1. Online Processing: system will redirect you to PayPal / Alipay / WeChat Pay or Union Pay page. Please follow the steps for each type. Upon payment of the invoice, you must be returned to and the credit will be added to your account. 
  2. Transfer: Please view your invoice(s) under Billing→ Credit Invoices. You must manually pay for this invoice with the information from the example below.  Use the information to Submit Ticket to Billing department. The credit will be added to your account by our staff. 



4. After your Account Credit Invoice is paid. You will find your “Account Credits” on your Dashboard




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