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After many hours we are proud to announce our hard work. will pave the way for new features and experiences for our customers when managing their hosting requirements.

In version one of, we focused on simplifying the interface for primary tasks when managing your server.

The Dashboard

The dashboard is aimed at giving you a quick overview of all your servers, support tickets and invoices. Users can get a good amount of information about all of their services with Krypt, without even having to leave the first page.

My.Krypt Dashboard
My.Krypt Server Details

Server Details

We made sure to carefully layout vital information related to servers, so it's easy to find what you need the minute the page loads up. You are able to see the status of the server, if it has unpaid invoices, it's ip address and more. Further more, we made sure to make it easy for users to submit tickets and get in touch with support related to the server.


A useful feature we have added tothe server details page is the ability to quickly access your server using its console. Clicking on "Access KVM Console" will allow you to log into your server to monitor system health and manage your server remotely.

My.Krypt Access Your KVM
My.Krypt Cloud Functions

Cloud Functions

My.Krypt offers quick access to tools and functions for both your dedicated servers and your cloud servers. Opening a support ticket and creating a PayPal subscription quickly, right from the server page, is supported for both dedicated and cloud servers, and cloud servers come with a set of functions to quickly manage your cloud.

Server Monitors

All dedicated servers come with the ability to enable our Monitoring service, which makes it easy to inform you of when your server is having problems in an easy to understand interface.

My.Krypt Dedicated Monitoring Service
My.Krypt Invoice

Invoice Details

Managing your invoices has never been easier with this system. We made sure to pull the information that most users look for and place it right at the top of the page. Paying an invoice is as simple as selecting whatever payment method you wish to use, and hitting pay. It couldn't be easier.

My.Krypt Blog

My.Krypt comes equipped with its own blog section to help keep users informed about updates and new features added when we push new releases. The My.Krypt blog also serves as a helpful resource for our Krypt Resellers, sharing information they can use to help grow their own businesses.

My.Krypt Blog
My.Krypt New Ticket


We wanted our ticketing system to be as simple and straightforward as possible for users, and we feel we have done that with My.Krypt's new support system. With our old system, we found users were having difficultly getting the right help right away due to the ticket being thrown into the wrong department. That's why we have simplified our departments, and made them large clickable buttons. Once a user selects the department, they can actually search for a server the ticket is related too, compared to our older system of scrolling through a dropdown menu.

Krypt Turbo

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Krypt Turbo