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Krypt Turbo utilizes advanced TCP acceleration and network Quality of Service (QoS) traffic management and congestion avoidance technologies to improve network throughput, latency and bandwidth efficiency. There are inherent deficiencies in the standard TCP stack for example, increased delays are caused by numerous retransmissions when packets arrive in the wrong order. Krypt Turbo’s client side application is supported on Windows and Linux platforms which improves the performance of the standard TCP stack. For dedicated and cloud server customers that are hosting websites, there are numerous benefits to using Krypt Turbo that statically caching on CDN services alone can not improve.

Benefits of using Krypt Turbo

  • Reduce ping latency by up to 20%
  • Increase download and upload throughout by 1.5-5 times
  • Decrease web page load time by an average of 40%
  • Increase performance for dynamic sites that CDN caching can not

How Krypt Turbo Helps Improve Performance

  • Queuing profiles are used to prioritize application flows
  • Packet Loss Detector reduces TCP retransmissions by tracking loss probability
  • Congestion Controller and better recovery algorithms help manage TCP window sizes
  • Learning based algorithm applies session specific optimizations in real time
  • Traffic scheduling and traffic shaping policies are also applied in real time

Starting at $10 for 100Mbps and $15 for 1Gbps

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