SJC – San Jose, CA

Krypt has partnered with Equinix to add a new data center to our growing list of locations that we provide. With SJC1, Krypt will be able to expand our network presence to Northern California and expand capacity to our primary routes to Asia Pacific.

Boasting over 130,000 square feet of space, our latest addition to our growing list of data centers is impressive while meeting our safety and security requirements. As with all of our other data centers, our San Jose data center is manned 24 hours a day/7 days a week to provide superior support to our customers.

Building Information 130,000 square feet
Open 24 x 7 x 365
DC Description 2.4 kVA per cabinet
UPS Systems 2N 100% redundant UPS
Generators 750 kW diesel engine generators
Security 24/7 security staff
24/7 CCTV and motion detection cameras

Utility Power

The San Jose data center comes equipped with 2.4 kVA per cabinet. For battery backup, we have two phases. The first being a 2N 100% redundant system UPS, and the second boasting N+1 Distributed Redundant System UPS. This paired with out generators as a fail-safe can help put your mind at ease knowing your servers will stay powered up and online.

Security & Protection Features

Our SJC data center employs 24 hour, round the clock security guards keeping watch with the help of CCTV and motion detection cameras. The data center entrance also includes a “man trap” entry, preventing people from entering without first being questioned.

Back-Up Power & Generator

In the event of an electrical power failure, our San Jose data center comes prepared with two phases to ensure servers stay online. The data center comes equipped with three 750kW diesel engine generators for the first phase, and if required the second phase will make use of our 2,000kW diesel engine generators. With two fail-safe plans in place, our customers can rest easy knowing their servers will remain up and running.