PHX1 – Phoenix, AZ

Krypt’s Phoenix Backup and Disaster Recovery (PHX1-BDR) location offers a unique data center design with individual colocation suites (~400 sq. ft.) that house 20 – 45U racks. Phoenix is situated 400 miles to the east of Los Angeles and makes an ideal location due to it’s low risk for natural disasters and lower power costs. Tenants can either purchase individual racks or an entire suite with various power and cooling configurations to achieve Tier 4 standards and a maximum of 225kW per suite or 11.25kW per rack.

Building Information 180,000 square feet
DC Description Opened in 2014 with up to 11.25kW per cabinet
UPS Systems Minimum N+1 redundancy per suite, capable of 2N
Generators N+1 emergency generator configuration
Security 24×7 staffing and site access, mantraps, CCTV surveillance, and biometric access control, secondary concrete perimeter barrier
Emergency Protection Clean gas, water-free suppression system

Utility Power / Back-Up Power & Generator

Multiple 2N diverse utility feeds to each suite on separate individually metered panels. The facility is equipped with battery UPS systems in N+1 configuration although a 2N configuration can be added for increased resiliency. Up to 60 tons of DX cooling per suite can also be added.

Security & Protection Features

Our customer’s servers remain secure with 24×7 staffing and site access, mantraps, anti-tailgating system, CCTV surveillance, and biometric access control. Each suite has access control and individual cabinets have their own lock and keys.