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Krypt Partner Program

Reseller Program

The Krypt Partner Program (KPP) or reseller program helps our customers start or grow their hosting company by focusing on selling servers and leaving the support and management of the infrastructure to the experts at Krypt. Our reseller program is not a cost per click (CPC) program or ad based revenue sharing system, but rather designed for serious companies that wish to grow their global footprint based off the experts in hosting since 1998. - Read More

Referral Program

As a Krypt Referral Partner (KRP) you gain access to Krypt's Sales and Engineering team to help you explain all of our products and services and ultimately close the deal! Take advantage of our worldwide presence and branding to discover new opportunities in different markets for your business. Our program makes it easy for the Referral Partner because we do most of the work! All you need to do is submit a qualifying lead with as much information as you can provide and we'll handle it from there. There are no lengthy contracts between us and signing up is free and simple - Read More