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Cloud Servers

Entry to complex-level hosting can take advantage of resources.

General Cloud Servers

These Cloud Server plans are geared towards applications and workloads that require a balance of burstable compute and memory resources while providing enough storage and network bandwidth at cost effective rates.

vCPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Price
g1-1 1 1GB 40GB 1000GB $15.00 Order
g1-2 2 2GB 80GB 2000GB $30.00 Order
g1-4 4 4GB 160GB 4000GB $60.00 Order
g1-8 8 8GB 320GB 8000GB $120.00 Order

CPU Optimized Cloud Servers

C1 instances run on the latest Intel Xeon Ivy Bridge processors with turbo boost capabilities for applications that demand high performance compute such as data analytics processing, video encoding and gaming. C1 instances have the highest allocation of guaranteed CPU resources.

vCPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Price
c1-1 1 2GB 80GB 500GB $30 Order
c1-2 2 4GB 160GB 1000GB $60 Order
c1-4 4 8GB 320GB 2000GB $120 Order
c1-8 8 16GB 640GB 4000GB $240 Order
c1-16 16 32GB 1280GB 8000GB $480 Order

Memory Optimized Cloud Servers

M1 instances offer the highest vCPU / Memory ratio and are recommended for high performance databases and web servers, Microsoft Exchange and Sharepoint type applications that consume memory for caching. M1 instances have the highest allocation of guaranteed Memory resources.

vCPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Price
m1-1 1 8GB 80GB 500GB $60 Order
m1-2 2 16GB 160GB 1000GB $120 Order
m1-4 4 32GB 320GB 2000GB $240 Order
m1-8 8 64GB 640GB 4000GB $480 Order
m1-16 16 128GB 1280GB 8000GB $960 Order

Storage Optimized Cloud Servers

S1 instances provide high density storage for users that require more disk space running on Krypt's blazing fast storage systems while maintaining High Availability. S1 instances are recommended for file hosting, backup and archival data services.

vCPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Price
s1-1 1 4GB 200GB 500GB $80 Order
s1-2 2 8GB 400GB 1000GB $160 Order
s1-4 4 16GB 800GB 2000GB $320 Order
s1-8 8 32GB 1600GB 4000GB $640 Order
s1-16 16 64GB 3200GB 8000GB $1280 Order

* All -1/-2/-4 cloud servers in Singapore have 20mbps port speeds. All -8/-16 cloud servers in Singapore have 100mbps port speeds.
* For Premium CN2 China routes please contact sales.

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Comparing Cloud Servers

Cloud Server VPLS Cloud Pool
High Availability Checked Checked
SSD powered Checked Checked
1Gbps network speeds Checked Checked
VMware powered platform Checked Checked
Easy import / export migration Checked Checked
Deploy apps instantly Checked Checked
Full console access to Virtual Machine Checked Checked
API access to Krypt Cloud controller Checked Checked
Cloud monitors (ex. ping, HTTP/HTTPS, SMTP etc) Checked Checked
Multiple storage tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) Checked
Full control to build unlimited private networks Checked
Deploy firewalls, load balancers, SSL VPN gateways * Checked
Interconnect on-premise cloud to form Hybrid Cloud Checked
Add Fault Tolerance to any VM * Checked
per VM resource customization Checked
99.99% SLA included Checked
Control multiple VM's and vApps Checked

* Additional fees may apply.